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Emotion Leadership

Harness the Power of Your Emotions


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The Zoo in You™

The Zoo in You™, written by ELE Founder and CEO, Christina Trevino, was designed to teach children to recognize, respect, and talk about their emotions using warm storytelling and loveable characters. This book engages your child’s natural curiosity as they explore and identify the first four emotions:
happy, sad, angry, and scared.

But, it's not only a book. The Zoo in You™ is an innovative educational program that highlights Social Emotional development. It is designed to make it easier to communicate with children about their emotions and behavior in terms they can easily understand. Children who grasp the impact of emotions grow into strong leaders as they move from childhood to adulthood.

We offer coloring and activity books, available for all ages, that complement our imaginative storybooks. The series is designed to help your child and family members discover and explore their Range of Emotions™. Together, they’ll gain self-esteem, build self-awareness, and improve communication about their feelings.

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Zoo In You - Cover

About the Zoo In You™

The Zoo in You™ is sprinkled with self-development wisdom and uses a child’s love of animals to teach them about their feelings. Emotion Leadership’s Human Spirit formula provides the framework for children to process emotions mentally and physically for healthy well-being.

You'll meet our plucky zoo guide, Sami, Hugzy the duck, and a cast of emotion-based characters that provide a structure and vocabulary to explore and share feelings. Sami discovers that she is the “ZooKeeper” of her emotional zoo and that no emotion is “right” or “wrong.” After all, as Hugzy says: “feeling emotions makes a ZooKeeper strong.”

In 2013, The Zoo In You was featured at the Dr. Oz Emotional Health and Wellbeing Conference for Military Families. It was the only children's program selected.

Author Story Time

Christina Trevino holds a storytime reading of her book "The Zoo In You."

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Chase and Zoo In You

Tina ZIY Laura Bush Library

Worldwide release of Zoo In You YouTube reading

Zoo In You - Cover

Storytime Zoo

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Meet The Characters of the Zoo In You

The Zoo

 "Meet your emotions,
Some might be new,
It's your special place,
The Zoo In You!"

Shay the donkey

I’m Shay the Donkey,

I'll tell you about sad,

It comes and goes,

It’s not good or bad.



I'm Tabi-tha the Tiger,

I'll teach anger to you,

It can be useful,

When you know what to do.


Teen Leadership

I'm Marti the Mouse,

I'll tell you about scared,

I'll share my skills, 

So, you'll feel prepared.



My name is Hugzy 

I’m your trusted guide

 I’ll walk with you

Right by your side!


The Zoo Keeper

Exploring emotions,

It's fun to do!

You’re the mighty ZooKeeper,

At the Zoo In You!

The Zoo Keeper


I'm Hucky the ducky

I have a wise view

I'll teach you about happy

My outlook is new!


"An emotion is not who you are.

An emotion is just where you are."

Our Zoo Gallery


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