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Retreats | Leadership for the Human Spirit

 "Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience of
living every minute, with love, grace, and gratitude."

                                                                                                                   - Denis Waitley

Self Care

A Series of Workshops and Retreats

Self Care
in the midst of change...

Connect more deeply with yourself and others.

Broaden your awareness.
Expand your calm and clarity.
Deepen your love and appreciation.

Practicing self-care is the ultimate gift.

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Leadership Retreat 

summer of 2022

Leadership for the Women's Spirit

Join us for a deeper dive into the choices that impact your

personal, professional, and parenting relationships.

  • Uncover and remedy energy-draining influences
  • Discover powerful tools for purposeful interactions
  • Cultivate your personal power
  • Increase the peace and joy in your life

It's time to explore your choices, expand your confidence and live your enlightened life!

Women Eating and Laughing

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Leadership for the Human Spirit

Get Centered

Are you starting a new chapter of your life or in need of a jump start personally, professionally, or as a parent?

Whether you are in the midst of changing your family dynamics, growing your career, becoming an entrepreneur, or an empty nester, taking the next steps can feel daunting.

There are times in life when you operate on autopilot, performing tasks and living out roles unconsciously, resulting in power struggles and destructive relationships and patterns.

 Whether at work, in a relationship, or in the home - these destructive patterns knock us off center - ultimately diminishing our confidence and self-worth. How did you get here?

Emotions are a powerful force. They can fuel your motivation or drain it. As you road trip through life, being mindful and centered as you make life decisions can be challenging. How do you navigate through
these situations and roadblocks?

Join us for a deep dive into the choices that impact your personal, professional, and parenting relationships.

• Uncover and remedy energy-draining patterns

• Discover powerful tools for purposeful interactions

• Cultivate your personal power

• Increase the peace and joy in your life

It’s time to explore your choices, expand your confidence and live your life enlightened.

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People Eating

“You can’t have community without unity.”

- Alan Graham, Founder Mobile Loaves and Fishes and Community First! Village

Retreats at Community First! Village

The retreat site is located in the beautifully orchestrated master-planned community, the Community First! Village. They provide affordable permanent housing for the disabled and chronically homeless in Central Texas. More importantly, however, it provides community and a sense of belonging. 

Whether you are a corporate CEO, in college, or beginning a new phase of your life, we all require that feeling of community.

Retreats at Community First
Front Porches of Homes

A blend of uniquely designed, tiny homes... 

...crafted by some of the most gifted architects in the world along with tastefully renovated RV’s, Community First is its own quaint, peaceful village. Amenities on the property include a community market, an art center, blacksmith forge and woodshop, a chapel, a large outdoor movie theater, a prayer labyrinth, places for worship, an on-site medical facility for health screenings, walking trails, a community vegetable garden, chicken coop, and a dog park. 

The village is designed for the conversations that begin on the front porch, move to meals at the outdoor community kitchens, and continue around the outdoor fireplaces roasting marshmallows.

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An Experience Like No Other!

"The world is what we make it. Let's make it a world of connection, confidence and generosity." - C. Trevino

Shot of Homes and Trailer

pretty house

Austin   Community Inn   Goodness, Grace and Mercy
WalkwayArch   “We are honored to hold our retreats at Community First Village. Every moment you are here, you feel the generosity and witness the best qualities of the human experience.”
- C. Trevino
  Beautiful Walkway
Community Table Sign   Pavillion   Wooden Tables
Sweet Goodness   Friends   Community Kitchen
Firepit   Patti on Swing   Tee Peas

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We look forward to returning to live retreats in 2022.
Feel free to send us an email for more information.

Choose the Retreat That's Right for You

Double Date

Professional and Corporate Retreats

Improve your relationship skills for purposeful interactions.
Expand your confidence and leadership reach.

Leadership for the Professional Spirit


Personal Retreats

Cultivate your personal power. Release energy-draining influences. Increase your peace and live your life enlightened.

Leadership for the Human Spirit


Couples Retreats

Explore the choices that impact your relationship. Align your connection and live from your heart.

Leadership for the Couple's Spirit


Teen Retreats

High School Leaders
Discover your communication style. Uncover your behavior triggers, traps, and tools.

Leadership for the
Teen Spirit

Leadership Coaching
For Your Life

Coaching is a partnership designed to help you strategically achieve success in your personal and professional life. Through action-oriented and solution-centered exercises, a coach will guide you through conscious decision-making to inspire, empower, and gain clarity on your life goals.

Leadership Coaching

Life Coach

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

                                                                     -Sir Winston Churchill