Emotion Leadership

Harness the Power of Your Emotions

Emotion Leadership

Harness the Power of Your Emotions

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We believe that everyone is a leader. We all have an impact on the people in our lives. Great leaders explore and utilize their emotions to authentically connect with themselves and others. 
We are all meant to be great leaders.

Our programs and products are designed to meet a leader at every level. It’s time to explore your emotions, expand your confidence and amplify your leadership to be the great leader you are meant to be.

Amplify The Leader In You!

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  • Self Care with Emotion Leadership

  • Life Map

  • Work-Life Harmony™

  • Emotion Highway™

  • 4 Communication Styles

  • Enlightened Leadership™

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You Are a Leader

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The Zoo In You 

The Zoo In You™ was designed to teach children to recognize, respect, and talk about their emotions using warm storytelling and loveable characters. Zoo In You - Cover This book engages your child’s natural curiosity as they explore and identify the first four emotions:
happy, sad, angry,
and scared.
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"I want you to know that this workshop seriously made a HUGE difference in my work and how I feel. When I feel myself getting off center...I think about the Emotion Highway and remember to put myself back in the center lane. It has made a difference in how I relate to situations and how I deal with some of the stresses I am facing now. Not trying to be perfect trying to manage...and being gracious to myself when I am not managing. BEST money I have ever spent in my life!" 

- Steffanie R.,  Dell 

"Tools, I need tools". My mind often works in circles. And, I tend to have multiple tasks going at the same time. Christina shared with me various easy to use new tools to quickly help me to identify and clarify issues and emotions. Equally important (but only if you are being honest with yourself!) is these tools will provide perspectives of when we are falling into old patterns (admit it - we all have them) and give thought to how we can better approach those button pushing areas. 

Terri K., City of Austin

Christina is such an inspired teacher. There was a lot of value in every session with her. I'd have to say the biggest revelation for me was how crucial it is to take a non-judgmental look at the health of your most important relationships and really put some strategy around how you want to shift them. It seems simple, but it's made a huge difference in how I interact with the people I love most. And that is invaluable.”

Ellie S.,  Media Bombshell

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"I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it?" 
- Richard Bach