Emotion Leadership

Harness the Power of Your Emotions

Emotion Leadership

Harness the Power of Your Emotions


Leadership Coaching for Life

Coaching is a partnership designed to help you strategically achieve success in your personal and professional life. Through action-oriented and
solution-centered exercises, a coach will guide
you through conscious decision making to inspire, empower, and gain clarity on your life goals.


“Wow, the business tools you gave me to get organized really helped!  

I can’t tell you how much I value your coaching!! I would be all OVER the place without you!”
                                                                                          -Suzanne M., Interior Stylist at Arrange Space         

What is the purpose of Coaching?

Discover your passion and purpose in every aspect of life when you work with a coach. What career are you meant to have? How can you be a better parent? How can you ignite the passion in your relationship? We are always adjusting and updating our hearts, minds and souls to the world around us. So how do you keep up with all these changes?  Work with a coach to find clarity and increase your confidence. 

If you’ve ever wondered, Why is that person so happy? How did they get so confident? They have a great life, did they get lucky – win the life lottery? If you want answers to these questions, or if you want to be one of those people, we have the expertise to bring out your best.

Amplify your leadership.

Women Chatting and Smiling

Who uses a Coach?

People who want to love their life! People who want to feel purposeful and inspired. Everyone, from a young adult deciding on a new career to someone changing careers. Someone who wants to have a more loving or passionate love life. Anyone who wants to be a better parent, or wants to live a more fulfilling life.

What can a Coach do for you?

A coach improves your awareness, understanding
and skills. How can you be a better partner? A more competent worker? How can you improve your parenting skills? What will it take to be a better friend? You will interact with more courage, confidence and joy. 

A coach will bring out the best in You!



"Christina has a gift for guiding her clients through their everyday challenges."

                                                           - Clay Q., MBA, Dell 

When do you hire a Coach?

When you want more clarity, energy, direction and joy in your life.  Similar to starting a new job or hobby, successful people look for a mentor or specialist to learn new skills and create the outcomes they desire.
A coach assists you in developing better skills for
work, love and family. A coach is your advocate.
Your confidante. Your cheerleader. Your champion.

Hire a Coach
professional coaching

Professional Coaching

One-on-one coaching is designed to empower and enlighten you to fulfill your professional goals.
Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder,
ignite passion for your work or improve business relationships, your coach will help you achieve your desired success.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching is designed to assist you in fulfilling your personal life goals. Whether you want to increase your confidence, add more passion or peace to your life or  improve your relationships, a personal coach is your guide to your authentic and fulfilling life.

Personal Coach

Coach and Client

Emotion Leadership

For Coaches

As a practicing coach, continuing to invest in your own development is the most effective way to model that behavior for your clients. 
Coaching can be both uplifting and draining. What are you doing to enlighten your life and your business? Is it time to revive or renew your energy, your education or opportunities? Allow yourself to engage in and enjoy the power of your own development with Emotion Leadership Coaching specifically designed for Coaches.

"I didn't feel like I made dramatic changes in my life, but that's really the beauty of it all. She has a sixth sense for gleaning insight into your life, and giving you tools to realize and appreciate your individual gifts. I often hear her voice of reason, or see her sweet smile in my mind, as I continue on my "journey"... And for that, I am grateful."- RuthAnn, Global HR and Mother